Weather Forecasting Tips from Lester Prairie Farmers

Climate and weather changes occurring leaving many feeling at a loss. Here is a way to predict them that I have found uncanny. I suggest you start keeping a journal starting this December 2013.

Full Moon and New Moon – Wet day before and wet day after

Last Friday of the Month – The am weather will be like the first 1/3 of the next month. The noon will be like the middle of the next month. The evening will tell you what the last part of the next month’s weather will be.

In December the 26th will be the kind of weather you can expect in January.

– December 27th will exhibit the February weather.
– December 28th will show you a preview of March’s weather to come
– December 29th April’s
– December 30th May’s weather
– December 31st June’s weather.

January 1st will tell you what the coming weather will be like in July and so on. Is it cooler than it should be? Is it snowing or raining?

In winter a full moon will bring a warm up.
In summer a new moon will bring a wet week, drizzle, snow, land rain

Ring around the moon in the evening shows you will have rain within 24 hours.

Mare’s tails, clouds that are whispy, tells you will have rain in 24 hours.

North East wind will cause cold and wet conditions.

Rain water – Soft water, wonderful for hair and skin. Use rain barrels and catch cutter water.

Cistern – Holding tank. Be able to shut off.

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