New Year – New Moon

On the first of January 2014 Something Very Rare will happen.

We will start the first day of the New Year with a New Moon. This almost never happens, in fact, 19 years ago was the last time we had a New Moon on a New Year. A New Moon is all about beginnings and fresh starts.

Use it wisely!

This year we can truly wipe the slate clean and start the New Year a new you. New Moon is the best time to plant crops as every farmer knows. No richer harvest than to make your Big to Small Dream List NOW. Press those goals into the fertile soil of your imagination. Tend to its inevitable germination, development and reaping.

Today is the day.

Make your list immediately. Color it with enthusiasm. You are a masterful co-creator. The universe will rally to manifest your images of harvest. Plant and write down the garden as if it were finished tonight.

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