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I have created four informational CDs that contain ground breaking evidence and truth about our present capacity to exceed the limits of former health and recovery of wellness. They are each high quality in content and irreplaceable as agencies to teach people how precious PXP and HFI are. I would again recommend that you order 100 of each with your personal info on the label and get them out there. I get nothing from this except knowing that you have at your finger tips a way to spread the word that is perfect for people that listen when they drive, talk walks and travel. I would use them constantly at Enzacta gatherings/meetings with excepts being played as they are upbeat and with unusual perspectives. You learn new health facts and how to trip the crystalline toggles on the inner body matrix and get a delivery of higher frequency, thus unknown health recovery and youth again.

You are fortunate to have information that is brand new and essential to this planet’s present evolution!

Audio CD #1 – “How to Heal Yourself with PXP and Inhibit Viruses with HF” Dr. Bridget Bagley and Dick Herrboldt

Audio CD #2 – “PXP and HFI – A Physician’s Perspective” Dr. Dan Clark and Dr.Bridget Bagley

Audio CD #3 – “PXP Alchemy Creates Proof: It Makes You Glow” Dr. Bridget Bagley and Dick Herrboldt

Audio CD #4 – “PXP’s Transformational Power” Dr. Bridget Bagley and Dick Herrboldt

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What people are reporting after listening to these CDs:

“This information is not to be found anywhere else in our world today. They are a real value to my education and frankly shocking in places.” – Ann B., Minneapolis, MN

“I didn’t know how the crystalline system worked and that it is able to be tapped until now. It is the superior part of ourselvesl and no one is teaching us about it but Enzacta. No wonder I shine. I feel like a kid again thanks to PXP and HFI” – Dr. Gaylord, Florida

“In science fiction scenarios that are being played out today in germ warfare, I rely on the imperviousness of the HFI to protect me. It gives me vitality too. Now I have this enrichment back and feel super human in strength again” – Tito Long Lake, Minnesota

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