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I am here to upgrade the human race. The genetic codes can be changed, the DNA/mitochondria re-created. This is my service to life.

I felt I was born on the far side of the world with people who were pretending to be aware. Certainly they must have been faking it. Soon they would pull off their persona mask and cheer me “Surprise! Did we fool you?”

Because the answers to my questions were seldom noticed, much less answered, I have tried the path of experience instead. This increased my conviction that the human race is down-spiraling in having available truth, intelligence and wellness. This dramatic demise is only attempted to be countered in the USA by physicians who have the shortest life expectant of any vocation. They were educated in institutions that were bargained with by the Rockefeller Foundation since 1930, who has maintained controlling stock in Big Pharma. “We will see that your schools will not be funded, your graduates will not be able to be licensed and do not ask for any grants in the future unless you teach exclusively surgery and chemistry (drugs)”. Paraphrased. The FDA has policed this mandate.

I have played physician since I could wrap my dog’s tail with gauze and chewed on mint to stop a runny nose. I was born in 1941, a slow, less bright time, and I found refuge in the woodlands, meadows and studied with Ojibwas, Lakota, learned Tao face reading, took up sun gazing from a Greek that never needs to eat.

Without reading “Anastasia” by Vladimir Murgre that would write about these natural laws in 1996 making the book the #1 Best Seller in Russia of all time, I began to put together a theorem that people could live by where aging would be more of an option. Their appearance would change and their inner blue prints altered by their own choice. Yes, even change your eye color, grow new bones, add a few inches to your height, and control your ovulation and fertilization without conception and more.

Learn how to nip the hybrid influenzas in the bud.

Build a new high efficiency body:

Say NO to Memory loss
Say NO to Arthritis
Say NO to Pain
Say NO to short lives of 75 years max
Say NO to Ugliness

Activate your dormant codes for advanced human ability and appearance.
Make dominant your crystalline grid. Override the death code based on the carbon grid.
Make your DNA perfect again.

I will show you how to self-heal. And create a new advanced physical form!
Dr. Bridget Bagley
ND, Youngologist, Iridologist, Nutritionist, Herbologist

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